Nothing to See Here: Why the Left Wants Politics to Be Boring

Type the phrase “politics is boring” into Google’s search engine and the results are quite interesting. It seems that the media, or at least the left-wing news media, are celebrating the fact that politics has once again, apparently, become boring. One would have thought that political journalists, more than any other people in America, would not be celebrating a dull political landscape. So why are they? Why now do they want the American people to believe that, after the four-year rollercoaster ride that was the Trump presidency, it is actually a good thing that observing and reporting on the current occupant of the White House is about as thrilling as taking a strong tranquilizer and then listening to a chess tournament on the radio?

Perhaps even Joe Biden himself is attempting to induce a national coma from which, he hopes, no-one will emerge until 2024, when his own time in the White House will in all likelihood be over.

Maybe Not the Best Laid Plans

Is it because nothing, since January, has gone according to plan? Partisan gridlock on Capitol Hill is hindering the Biden agenda, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on one’s political point of view. Left-wingers would of course blame this on Republican obstructionism – never mind that Republicans, being the opposition party, now have a duty to those who elected them to obstruct the Biden administration’s agenda, just as, during the Trump years, Democrats had a duty – as they made very clear – to sabotage and hinder Trump’s plans to the best of their abilities.

Should not the men and women of Congress be working constructively for the American people though? Yes, they should, and preventing the implementation of policies that one believes are bad for the country is, indeed, working constructively for the American people. It is purely a matter of perspective.

Finger-pointing aside, though, it is clear that Mr. Biden’s grand plans are making little headway. It is equally clear that the ever more extremist progressive faction of the political left has become so strident and so obsessed with race, with the destructive notion of “equity,” and with what pronouns people should be using that it has become a thorn in the side of Biden’s party. This is just the tip of the iceberg currently ripping an irreparable hole in the side of this Titanic that is the Biden administration.

A Catalogue of Bad News

Joe Biden feature

Joe Biden

There are so many more damaging revelations, however, that probably make Mr. Biden and his media groupies wish that the American people would simply switch off, get bored, and stop paying attention to politics altogether. Here are a few developments in major stories that have emerged over just the past few days, weeks, or months. It should be noted, of course, that public perception is not always an accurate reflection of reality since information disseminated through both traditional and social media is heavily tainted with political bias and various conflicting agendas.

So, each of the following points is, to varying degrees, true, possibly true, somewhat likely to be true, or perhaps even entirely false. Nevertheless, each is believed – or suspected – by significant sections of the American people.

The media’s reporting of the “Steele dossier,” a collection of unverified memos upon which the Trump-Russia collusion investigation was predicated, was a “travesty.” That was the word used by one former New York Times reporter to describe how anti-Trump journalists breathlessly wrote about the dossier without making the slightest attempt to question its veracity.

Enough evidence exists to indicate that Joe Biden’s claims that he had no knowledge of, or involvement in, his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings are likely nonsense. An investigation into the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop was deliberately put on hold during the 2020 presidential election campaign. Biden Jr. now appears to be operating a racket to sell his own art at overinflated prices with the full approval of the White House.

The 40% increase in gas prices since January is not the only financial calamity slowly unfolding before the American public. Despite claims to the contrary, inflation is real, it’s here, and it’s not going away anytime soon. And speaking of supposedly non-existent problems, the southern U.S. border is indeed witnessing a crisis of epic proportions, with no sign of any solutions coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Despite hysterical rejections – even by some Republicans – of the mere suggestion that the 2020 election was not entirely fair, transparent, and above board, significant discrepancies and irregularities are being discovered during audits in certain key swing states. While the prevailing narrative maintains that no proof has been established that election fraud on a scale that would have changed the result occurred, it is slowly becoming more difficult to ignore the recent serious issues uncovered in Arizona, Georgia, and other places.

It appears at least somewhat likely that the Biden administration is moving towards requiring every American to get vaccinated against COVID-19. For the record – and this is not an opinion, but a fact – none of the available vaccines have undergone long-term trials and none have as yet been approved by the FDA, if that means anything. And, yes, some of these vaccines have triggered serious adverse medical effects in some of their recipients. It is entirely possible that some have caused fatalities. Meanwhile, no reasonably healthy person under the age of 70 faces more than an incredibly small chance of being killed by the virus for which they may be forced to take an experimental shot.

In a quintessentially fascist move, the White House now wants to work in partnership with social media companies to censor anything it deems “misinformation.” Meanwhile, the radical left wants opponents of critical race theory dead. At least that seems to be the case if one is to take seriously the recent sentiment expressed by NAACP Vice President Michelle Leete, who said of parents protesting the teaching of critical race theory to their children: “Let them die.”

For poor old Joe Biden, then, everything appears to be unraveling at an almost dizzying pace. Add to this list of political catastrophes the fact that a significant number of Americans also firmly believe that the Democrats want to ban guns, kill freedom of speech, and take complete control of American elections, and there is little wonder why Biden, his allies in Congress, and his propaganda merchants in the media would like nothing more than to convince Americans that politics is boring.

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