Afghanistan Fiasco: Daily Round-up

With the continued unraveling of the situation in Afghanistan, Liberty Nation presents a daily overview of the most recent developments.

  • A source inside Afghanistan told Fox News the Taliban is going “house to house” searching for former U.S. allies. “They’re not showing this stuff because the people are cheering, but they’re scared to death, and they’re hanging these people.” Read More Here
  • U.S. Maj. Gen Hank Taylor told reporters yesterday that F-18’s are on standby for air support if needed to ensure the safety of U.S. troops. According to The Epoch Times, “The deployment of F-18s is the latest development in an increasingly tense and chaotic situation, as the Taliban extremist group appears to be tightening its grip after video footage and reports show the group stopping people from getting to the airport.” Read More Here
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    The Biden Administration is reportedly mulling over airstrikes in Afghanistan. The purpose would be to destroy U.S. aircraft and other military equipment left behind and seized by the Taliban. Fox News reports, “The military option – which has not yet been ruled out – comes amid concerns that the aircraft, vehicles and weaponry could be used to kill Afghan civilians or fall into the hands of militant groups and U.S. adversaries such as the Islamic State, Russia and China, current and former U.S. officials told Reuters.” Read More Here

  • Reuter’s Newswire reports that an estimated 18,000 people have been extracted from Kabul since the Taliban took over. The NATO official promised to double down on evacuation efforts. Read More Here
  • While the world focuses on the U.S. debacle in Kabul, the Chinese are quietly making nice with the Taliban on the border between the two countries. Foreign policy experts in the Biden administration should be determining the nature of the Kabul-Beijing nexus and what it portends for America’s geopolitical interests. Notably, China is not alone in extending the olive branch of friendship to the Taliban. So writes Liberty Nation’s Military Affairs Correspondent, J. David Patterson. Read More Here
  • The so-called mainstream media is finally stepping up to criticize the Biden Administration. Liberty Nation’s Senior Political Analyst, Tim Donner, digs into the many political ramifications resulting from the current catastrophe in Afghanistan. Read More Here
  • According to several sources on the ground in Afghanistan, the Taliban is seizing guns by the “motherlode.” It is the golden rule that he who holds the most guns wins. LN’s Editor-in-Chief, Leesa K. Donner, explores this topic in depth. Read More Here
  • Horrifying images of the critical situation in Afghanistan are making their way to U.S. newspapers bold enough to print them. Today, the New York Post shows a “heartbreaking image of a baby being handed over to U.S. soldiers. See It Here

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