The Fake Haitian Migrant Story and Biden’s Loyalty Politics

It would be normal to expect the executive branch of the U.S. government to display a certain amount of loyalty toward federal employees, particularly those who put themselves physically in harm’s way —  serving in the military or carrying out law enforcement duties in the field — in service to their country. One would assume the White House and senior administration officials would seek to deflect criticism of these government employees, that they would always be given the benefit of the doubt. Such is not the case under Joe Biden’s leadership, however.

To those who serve in his administration, it seems the well-being, reputations, and basic rights of federal employees must take a back seat to loyal adherence to the approved political narrative.

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Amid the chaos and horror unfolding on a daily basis at the southern border, it has become clear the establishment media and most left-wing talking heads have decided that two groups of people must be shielded from blame and criticism at all costs. One comprises tens of thousands of migrants who have crossed the border illegally into the United States. The other is members of the Biden administration. Since it is no longer remotely credible to blame former President Donald Trump for this massive humanitarian crisis, the hapless and entirely overextended offices of U.S. Border Patrol have become the left’s favorite scapegoats.

Haitian Migrants Whipped or Fake News?

The media have now seized upon a story that at first glance seems at best unpalatable and inappropriate and at worst a horrifically heavy-handed approach to dealing with migrants, who after all are still human beings. Border Patrol agents on horses were filmed at the Rio Grande pursuing and corralling Haitians who had apparently fled the migrant camp near the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas and then attempted to return with food purchased in Mexico.

Border patrol on horses

Credit: ABP News Online

CNN published a short video clip on its website – no more than a few seconds in length – showing the mounted officers apparently using their horses to block the path of these Haitians attempting to get to the migrant camp. It is likely, of course, that most members of the elite media have never been near a horse in their lives, let alone ridden one, and so they decided to claim hysterically that Border Patrol agents were whipping the Haitians in an attempt to control them. In fact, the supposed evidence of this comes from one of the mounted agents twirling the reins of his horse and one picture taken by a freelance photographer that shows another officer leaning down from his mount and grasping the shirt of a Haitian migrant, reins flailing as he does so.

No Benefit of the Doubt

When questioned about this latest outburst of righteous indignation from the left-wing media, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki could have been expected to point out that federal law enforcement agents, faced currently with an incredibly difficult task, should not be unfairly demonized while no compelling evidence exists that any of these Border Patrol officers acted inappropriately. Instead – and as has come to be expected – Psaki displayed no concern whatsoever that the allegations made by some of the nation’s most prominent news outlets lacked any real evidence.

The press secretary did at least try to temper things a little: “I’ve seen some of the footage,” she told the press corps. “I don’t have the full context. I can’t imagine what context would make that appropriate but I don’t have additional details, and certainly I don’t have additional context.” But then she felt it necessary to add, “I don’t think anyone seeing that footage would think it was acceptable or appropriate.” What, specifically, she found unacceptable or inappropriate is not certain, but Psaki’s underlying tone was unmistakable; she wasn’t about to make any serious effort to scold the press for jumping to conclusions or to protect the reputation of Border Patrol officers. Instead, she was willing to suggest that these officers may well have acted badly.

There is as yet no direct evidence that Border Patrol agents intentionally used their reins in an offensive manner against any of the migrants; neither is it clear why they would do so or what practical effect it would have had if they did.

While the accusations have yet to be investigated, it is likely the media’s claims will be found lacking in substance. As things stand right now, one would have thought the administration and White House staff would come to the defense of federal employees accused, without direct evidence, of such heinous acts. Unfortunately, it appears Biden’s people think it more important to appear sympathetic toward illegal aliens than to insist federal agents be given the benefit of the doubt in the absence of proof of wrongdoing.

Former President Donald Trump was often excoriated for making critical remarks about FBI officials or members of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Though he had much justification for doing so – considering the evidence shows many of them appeared to be conspiring against him – journalists would indignantly observe how terrible it was that a U.S. president was criticizing well-respected officers of the federal government, dutifully serving their country.

Everything is different now, of course. None of these journalists seem to have noticed, or perhaps they just don’t care, that Biden’s administration and staff display no loyalty at all toward federal government employees if doing so hinders their political objectives.

SEALs to Lose Jobs Over Vaccine Order?

Case in point: The Blaze is reporting that hundreds of SEALs who have so far refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 received a written warning from the Navy that they will not be deployed unless they submit to vaccination. This is potentially a massive blow to America’s military readiness – not to mention effectively career-ending for the warriors in question. Apparently, the SEALs have not earned the right to make choices about their own bodies and their own health. Worse still, national security is now less important, it seems, than ensuring everybody can be forced to receive a vaccine that does not, in fact, prevent those who get it from contracting COVID-19 or spreading it to others.

America’s security is also less important, it appears, than ensuring illegal border-crossers are not offended in any way.

Possible Postal Worker Exemption

Speaking of spreading the virus, many would agree that, among all federal employees, postal workers should have been the first ones required to get vaccinated. Not to demean the men and women of the U.S. Postal Service in any way, but these are, after all, the folks who physically handle millions of pieces of mail distributed across the country every day. During the course of their duties, some will touch just about every surface inside a post office, while others will touch every mailbox in the country. Wearing surgical gloves does not mitigate the risk of spread, for various reasons.

GettyImages-1229927641 USPS worker

(Photo by Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The postal workers themselves are not to blame; they are simply doing their jobs and the vast majority of them no doubt do those jobs to the best of their abilities. Nevertheless, if any one group of people in the country could best be described as a potential “super spreader,” it would be the employees of the USPS. According to various reports, including from one prominent Washington, D.C., newspaper, postal employees are currently exempt from the vaccine mandate imposed upon almost all other federal workers.

As it turns out, that story is not entirely true, but USPS staff might still get a pass. Two powerful unions upon which the Democrats rely for much support, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union and the American Postal Workers Union, are in negotiations with the Postal Service over the Biden administration’s testing and vaccination requirements.

It must be nice for some people to potentially negotiate their way out of a vaccination mandate because the ruling political party relies on their support.

As military personnel and Border Patrol agents are discovering, the current administration does not have their backs when political agendas are jeopardized. There was a time not so long ago when most Americans were concerned only about the politicization of the Supreme Court and certain federal departments. In Joe Biden’s America, the entire federal apparatus, from top to bottom, has been politicized – and that really should scare everybody.

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