A Simple New Year’s Resolution

"Let lovers of liberty resolve this New Year to turn against collectivist groupthink and return to the basic principles of economics and common sense that made America’s first 245.5 years… Read more

A Bergeron Christmas

"The story of Harrison Bergeron should remind Americans that individuals can never achieve equity if the state is powerful enough to enforce equality of outcomes. Like the pigs in Animal… Read more

Democracy Demands Transparency

"If complete and instantaneous disclosure proves impossible politically, the United States should return to a government with powers so limited that it need not be constantly audited, watched, or dreaded."… Read more

Getting Real About Taxes

"It is high time that the federal government recognizes the creepy tax effects of inflation and gets real about taxes. It should forget about taxing unrealized capital gains, compensate victims… Read more

The Great Tax Gap Flap

"Americans do not want to return to the days when they deliberately overpaid their taxes in order to avoid a nasty audit. And certainly any hint that the IRS was… Read more

The General Welfare

"I reject the notion that most of the Framers would have supported the constitutionality of any policy that Congress enacted simply because it falls within the federal government’s purview. To… Read more

Why Bother?

"Apparently, when it comes to maintaining peaceful relations with all, as Adam Smith, Alexander Hamilton, and scads of other political economists have advised, Uncle Sam has only one thing to… Read more

Socialist Darwinism

"The next time somebody accuses you of Social Darwinism, tell ‘em you want to help the poor to thrive by supporting policies that increase productivity and that allow people to… Read more

Why Authoritarianism Must Prevail

"America and the rest of the West have been sliding down the slippery slope of statism for so long that they are now rapidly approaching the precipice that ends in… Read more

Deregulation of Consenting Adults

"The Woke need to wake up, look, and listen. America doesn’t want New Zealand’s criminalization of Covid but it should adopt its decriminalization of sex work, including outright prostitution." ~… Read more