Flight of the Concord Drones

This blog post was written by Kenny Gutierrez, EFF Bridge Fellow. The City Council of Concord, California, is tone deaf to community concerns regarding a proposed police Unmanned Aerial Surveillance… Read more

Be The Face of Change and Pledge for EFF Through CFC Today!

The pledge period for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is underway and EFF needs your help! Last year, U.S. government employees raised over $38,000 for EFF through the CFC, helping… Read more

Come Back with a Warrant: Congress Should Pass the Protecting Data at the Border Act

We do not lose our constitutional rights at the border. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), however, believes you do. In fiscal year 2019 alone (before the pandemic curbed… Read more

Meet the Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean

Today EFF and other internet and digital rights organizations are announcing the Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean (AC-LAC). The Alliance is a platform for collective capacity… Read more

Records Shed New Light on Trump White House Officials’ Efforts to Punish Social Media

Within a day of Twitter fact-checking President Donald Trump’s May 2020 false tweets about mail-in voting, federal officials began trying to find out how much government agencies spent to advertise… Read more

Why Is PayPal Denying Service to Palestinians?

For many years, Palestinian rights defenders have championed the cause of Palestinians in the occupied territories, who are denied access to PayPal, while Israeli settlers have full access to PayPal… Read more

EFF to Tenth Circuit: First Amendment Protects Public School Students’ Off-Campus Social Media Speech

EFF filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in support of public school students’ right to speak while off school grounds or after… Read more

What the Facebook Whistleblower Tells Us About Big Tech

Through her leaks and Congressional testimony, Frances Haugen, the “Facebook Whistleblower,” revealed a lot about Facebook’s operation. Many of these revelations are things we’ve long suspected but now have proof… Read more

Face Recognition Technology: Commonly Used Terms

As face recognition technology evolves at a dizzying speed, new uses and terminologies seem to develop daily. On this page, we attempt to define and disambiguate some of the most… Read more

Face Recognition Isn’t Just Face Identification and Verification: It’s Also Photo Clustering, Race Analysis, Real-time Tracking, and More

Governments and corporations are tracking how we go about our lives with a unique marker that most of us cannot hide or change: our own faces. Across the country, communities… Read more