President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Back In Force for Employees at Companies with 100 or More Employees

Over this and last month, there was good news for Americans seeking to exercise their right to refuse to take experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots. Decisions of several United States courts… Read more

Patrick Buchanan on the Tense Situation Between the United States and Russia Concerning Ukraine

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World Health Organization Opposes Travel Bans Purportedly Imposed to Protect Against ‘Omicron’

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No Peace Dividend Again

Back when the Soviet Union fell apart, there was much talk of a peace dividend — a big reduction in the United States government’s spending on militarism. The peace dividend… Read more

Joe Biden, a President Hiding from Reporters

If you have been thinking President Joe Biden has been skimping on having press conferences and interviews, and otherwise answering questions from reporters, you are correct. Largely absent from Biden’s… Read more

In-N-Out Burger’s Great Freedom-centered Explanation for Its Refusal to Enforce Vaccine Passports

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Travis Tritt’s Emphatic ‘No’ to Performing at ‘New Normal’ Venues

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As Fear Recedes, Americans’ Opposition to Expanding Government Rises

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Faulty Drug Field Tests Can Both Lead to Incarceration and Make Incarceration Worse

In January of 2019, I wrote about how drug field tests that produce many false positive results are used as a basis for arresting and jailing people for drug crimes… Read more

Taking the Next Step Toward Mandatory Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots for Younger Children, Pfizer and BioNTech Seek FDA Approval of Shots for Children Ages 5-11

Children have virtually no risk of major sickness or death from coronavirus. And experimental coronavirus “vaccines” such as the one produced by the Pfizer and BioNTech do come with major known health… Read more