John Roberts questions administration's concession COVID mandate is a 'work-around'

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Friday cited the Biden administration’s admission that his COVID mandate for Americans is a “work-around,” a path that essentially goes around what the… Read more

Date announced for Trump's social media platform to go live

President Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, created in reaction to the anti-conservative agenda of existing social media companies, will go live on President’s Day, Feb. 21. That’s according… Read more

Matt Gaetz: Riot may have been a 'fedsurrection'

Few Republicans were around the Capitol on Thursday as the Democrat party staged its day-long requiem for the Jan. 6, 2021, riot there, giving speeches that blamed President Trump, holding… Read more

Supreme Court hearing arguments over Biden's COVID shot mandates for millions

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Trump more popular now than when he left office, survey shows

On the same day that Joe Biden unleashed a vitriolic attack on President Donald Trump, blaming him for the riot at the U.S. Capitol a year ago, a poll revealed… Read more

Another top staffer for Kamala Harris escapes her office

Normally when an administration is fired by voters, it doesn’t take long for staff members to join the job market and leave. Well there’s been no firing yet, but those… Read more

GOP eyes using impeachment weapon created by Democrats

Democrats during President Trump’s term of office twice turned the constitutional impeachment process into a political weapon, attacking him for a telephone call and later what protesters did at the… Read more

Biden's backdrop changes from flowers to shipping containers to snow

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Abortionists fear trigger laws that make procedure illegal when Roe falls

Amid the arguments going on at the U.S. Supreme Court over a Mississippi case that could end up overturning Roe, the 1973 opinion that created the “right” to abortion, abortion… Read more

Health official predicts END of the pandemic

A key health expert in Denmark is predicting the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, and says, “We will have our normal lives back in two months.” That doesn’t mean COVID-19… Read more