Here we go with the weather weaponizers ( but set trap 3 weeks ago!)

The swing we just had is childs play to other years. Lets look at some examples in the Schizoid winter of 66-67 long before  the kind of nonsense blame game… Read more

COP 26: Shakespeare said it — “Sound and fury signifying nothing” (Part 2)

To fully appreciate what the COP26 conference achieved, let us start by listing the notable accomplishments described in the Pact and in the press releases. This is intended as comic… Read more

Channeling Dan and Jane to confront Biden’s energy mistakes

As Covid lockdowns eased this past year, people all over the world went back to work and play. But while oil, natural gas, coal and electricity demand predictably shot up,… Read more

Paving Virginia with solar slabs is bad law

The ill-conceived Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA) has created an enormous stampede of proposed solar projects. The lineup of “subsidy farms” in progress is breathtaking. It is also stupid. The… Read more

How and why Youngkin should quit the RGGI

Virginia’s Governor-elect Youngkin has announced his intention to pull the state out of the alarmist Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Reports in the evergreen mainstream press say he can’t do… Read more

True conservationists should oppose 30×30 in 2022 (ft. Margaret Byfield)

“The last time I counted, we had over 120 counties across the nation that have filed resolutions to oppose 30 by 30. So, you know, there’s some circles where it… Read more

Senator Manchin “cannot vote” for Biden’s “mammoth” “Build Back Better” Bill

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin tells Fox News that he is a no vote on President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. “I had my reservations from the beginning.” “The inflation… Read more

New study finds tropical deforestation recovers quickly, naturally

Scientists estimate that some 5.5 million hectares of tropical forests (about twice the size of the nation of Belize) is lost each year due human agriculture. Though worrisome to environmentalists,… Read more

Climate change chorus exploits tornado tragedy

The recent tragic tornados in Kentucky, Illinois and other states left a substantial death toll of at least 89 people, which is likely to increase. It did not take long… Read more

Greta tells UN to “shove your climate crisis up your…” Watch new Morano Minute

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is once again making headlines, this time for chanting outside the UN’s COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland that “you can shove your climate crisis… Read more