Don’t Look Up: The Allegory We’ve Been Waiting For

"McKay’s dark satire about the inability to warn most people of impending danger before it's too late should resonate with all who strive for sound money, fiscal sobriety, personal responsibility,… Read more

Services-Sector Growth May Have Slowed in December

“The services sector expanded for the 19th consecutive month in December. While shortages of labor and materials are continuing to restrain output and sustain upward pressure on prices, some data… Read more

Private-Sector Job Openings Fell in November but Quits Surged

“Job openings fell but quits surged to a record in November. Enticing people back into the workforce could help ease supply problems and reduce upward pressure on prices.” ~ Robert… Read more

A Simple New Year’s Resolution

"Let lovers of liberty resolve this New Year to turn against collectivist groupthink and return to the basic principles of economics and common sense that made America’s first 245.5 years… Read more

Packing Away the Constitution

"Principled interpreters of the Constitution do not advocate overturning valid Constitutional precedents, but precedents that deviated from it, as the only way to maintain it as the 'highest law of… Read more

As Nuclear Weapons Spread, US Should Close its Nuclear Umbrellas

"Washington should abandon its policy of holding its national homeland and civilian population hostage for the security of other governments. It is time to shift policy before the US is… Read more

In Memoriam: Henry J. Miller III

"We celebrate the man Doc Miller, whose spirit, in no small part animated the American Institute for Economic Research for the last two decades." ~ AIER Read more

A Bergeron Christmas

"The story of Harrison Bergeron should remind Americans that individuals can never achieve equity if the state is powerful enough to enforce equality of outcomes. Like the pigs in Animal… Read more

Fed Officials Think Inflation Should Remain High Through 2024

"It seems the Fed is not committed to hitting its average inflation target. Inflation will be transitory in the sense that the rate will eventually return to 2 percent. But… Read more

New Single-Family Home Sales, Inventories, and Prices Rise in November

“New-home sales rose in November, but inventory also rose, and months’ supply remains relatively high. Rising prices, higher mortgage rates, and continued inventory build should lead to slower price increases.”… Read more